Introducing Fludily

Prior to the current circumstances, we started working with Fluidly, an industry-leading cashflow tool, which you can use to build a 90 day cashflow forecast free of charge. We had planned on staging a more formal roll out, however given current circumstances, we’ve made the decision to give all of our clients access to now.

What is Fluidly?
Fluidly’s mission is to help small businesses sleep better at night by automatically generating a 90-day cashflow forecast, which you can also edit so you can anticipate what’s coming ahead. It also helps you prioritise which invoices to chase and identify bad payers.

How does it work?
We’ve connected your accounting software to Fluidly, it uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in your historical accounting data and generate a 90-day cashflow forecast. From paying your next VAT bill to planning for changes in the business Fluidly makes it easy to look further ahead.

Below is a short 1 minute video that explains fluidly and below that an 18 minute webinar explaining how to use fluidly.

If you have any questions then please let us know.

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