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We are already well into 2021 and it’s safe to say that content marketing has been huge leading up to the pandemic and throughout. All signs point towards a very similar growth in 2022 too, so it’s going to get very difficult for business owners to stand out and be heard. As the market is so saturated with noise, what can be done about this? 
There are some interesting trends that we’ve seen so far in 2021 when it comes to content marketing, so this article outlines what types of content are more likely to work best in the coming year ahead. 
Top 4 content types for 2021-2022 
1. Video and live streaming 
Did you know that one-third of all online activity is being spent watching videos? Since video content is one of the main activities that people take part in online, this content must be a part of your content strategy. This is one of the biggest trends that is only increasing, so make sure to include videos in your blogs, social media, and on your website. 
2. Interactive content (e.g. polls and quizzes) 
If you’re looking to improve your engagement, interactive content such as polls, quizzes, lists, checklists or interactive maps etc, is a great way to get people involved. Content that is fun and inclusive can perform really well if used right, both on social media and your website. 
3. Webinars and online courses 
Self-development, especially online, has boomed over the pandemic period. It’s no surprise really, as people have been stuck at home and many have lost their jobs, but this trend is looking to continue. Webinars are a way to offer more value to your audience and they allow you to be a lot more personal in your content. While this strategy is more time-consuming, it can be very rewarding (especially since most of your competitors won’t be using this yet). 
4. Influencer marketing 
Another content trend that is increasing is influencer marketing. Who are the micro-influencers in your industry? Can you cross-promote with them to amplify your content and get in front of a larger audience? Influencers have an audience who trusts and values their opinions, so by simply tagging them in your posts or having them share your content can be very powerful. 
Don’t forget to create a content marketing strategy! 
Strategy issues and a lack of strategy are the major factors affecting the lack of success of content marketers! What this means is, it’s not enough just to create content and then leave it, you need to have a strategy if you want to get results. 
To create your strategy: 
1. write down a list of goals that you want to achieve from your content, 
2. define your target audience and their needs, 
3. decide on what valuable content you will create and how often, 
4. choose how you will promote it, 
5. define what you will measure to analyse your success. 
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