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LinkedIn is among the fastest-growing social networks and has continued to keep its place among other giants for the past decade. It’s no surprise really, since it currently has 740 million members, 40% of which access it on a daily basis. While it has long been known that LinkedIn is a great platform for small businesses to network and reach new audiences, many still don’t know how to use it to its full potential. 
To help you take advantage of LinkedIn, here are 5 statistics that are worth remembering. 
1. LinkedIn sends more direct traffic to your homepage than Facebook and Twitter combined. 
Just a couple of years ago, a two-year research study showed that LinkedIn sends nearly 4x more traffic (64%) to corporate websites compared to Facebook and Twitter combined (17% and 14% respectively). This shows that while Facebook and Twitter dominate when it comes to social sharing, they fall down when it comes to funnelling traffic. 
2. Industry insights are the most popular content 
Since LinkedIn is still first and foremost, a professional networking site, the most in-demand content is professional too. LinkedIn users tend to be looking at how they can be more productive and successful professionals, so focus on putting out informative and useful updates. The most popular content is industry insights (60% of users are interested in this), followed by company news (53%) and new products or services (43%). 
3. Post early morning and midday Monday to Friday 
Maybe unsurprisingly, LinkedIn’s busiest times are during general business hours. If you want to have the largest maximum reach with your content, post when most people are active (early morning and midday) and avoid when they are not (late afternoons, evening, and weekends). Find out what works best with your audience by testing different times Mon-Fri. 
4. Post 20x per month as a minimum 
LinkedIn is the one who said that 20 posts per month can help you reach 60% of your unique audience. This is a great place to start as if you schedule a post every day (excluding weekends) for 4 weeks, that’s 20 right there. When you’re doing this consistently, only then should you try increasing this to increase your reach. 
If you think that 20 posts seem like a lot to post, then here’s another statistic to consider. A single status update only reaches 20% of your audience. Now, do you see the value in posting regularly? 
5. Your employees are 70% more likely to click, share, and comment on your updates 
If you’re not helping your employees to help you, now is the time to start. Engagement is what increases your reach and your own employees can help you do just that. Try to make it as easy as possible for them to engage or share your updates – maybe you could send them the URL link on your communication channels to prompt involvement? 
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